RF_Remote_Keypad_287_460xautoProfessional Protection Systems provides wired or wireless alarm systems and hybrid alarm systems that work with both wired and wireless detectors.

All of our systems are designed to suit each of our customer’s individual needs and are installed to the highest quality and standard with the minimum of disruption.


Predominantly our systems secure the perimeter of the premises with both inertia and contact sensors and also motion detectors inside. We feel that securing the perimeter offers the best protection as it detects a burglar before they are in the home or premises. It will also allow you to arm the system when you are walking around and alert you when you are arming the system if you have left a window or door open.

Trap protection systems are mainly used on commercial premises which use motion detectors inside the premises and contacts on the doors. This can be used in the home if required.


As well as intrusion detection, our systems can have Panic & Medical Alarms, Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors. All of which can be monitored 24HRs a day.


Do you have an old alarm?

You may have an old alarm you do not use due to a system fault, false alarms or a low battery.

This system may not need to be replaced, but just serviced.


Are you paying too much for your Monitored Alarm?

If you have an existing monitored alarm that you feel is costing you too much, you can switch it to Professional Protection Systems 24HR Monitoring for as little as €15 per month.