Domestic and Commercial Intruder Alarm Monitoring

Command CentreMonitoring provides peace of mind to thousands of home owners across the country. Any time your alarm is activated, you can be safe in the knowledge that one of our experienced controllers will be in contact with you within seconds. If we cannot get hold of you immediately, we will then proceed to contact your list of approved key-holders as supplied by you. In addition, we will also contact the Gardai for any verified alarm from your home. A ‘verified alarm’ means that two areas have detected an intruder. For example, our system can detect if a ‘contact’ on a window has been broken, followed by the intruder being picked up on a ‘movement detection’ beam. We can also immediately respond to any panic alarm, fire alarm, or flood detection alarm if connected to your system.

Commercial¬†Intruder Alarm Monitoring is crucial to businesses all across Ireland. We provide monitoring facilities for Intruder Alarm, Panic Alarm, Duress Alarm, Fire Alarm, Flood Detection, ‘Open & Close’ protocols and GSM Back-up.

  • Open & Close Protocols

We can immediately react if your premises are opened before a nominated time. In addition, we will also react if your premises are not closed before a nominated time. In the event of this happening, we will follow any procedure that you require.

  • GSM Back-up

In the event of your phone lines being disabled or cut, the intruder panel requires an alternative way to communicate and contact the monitoring centre.¬† This will enable the ‘alarm event’ to be re-routed from the missing standard PSTN phone line and immediately despatched to the Monitoring Station via the mobile network.